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At reach24 you earn on your own terms. We power a platform where finding work is as easy as clicking a button, removing the ambiguity and inflexibility of a traditional Agency. With reach24 the possibilities are endless.

Here are 5 reasons why reach24 is better for you:


1. Clarity

Each shift listing shows key details directly provided by the Client to aid your decision making, such as:

  • A full description of your role
  • The location
  • Pay information
  • Number of residents
  • Any specific skills and requirements
  • An easy to understand handover document to assist your integration smoothly and comfortably
  • Parking availability and nearest public transport facilities
  • The client’s rating

2. Honesty

The pay you see is what you get.

  • No hidden fees or cuts
  • Straightforward payments, made into your nominated bank account every Friday

3. Opportunity

  • Finding work through a digital Agency should not cost a fortune. Therefore, our platform is completely free to use and can be easily accessed from any device. Our easy to use App is your ideal companion.
  • Our search option allows you to access a wide array of work seamlessly without geographical restrictions.
  • Clients can also invite you directly, helping you achieve continuity within a workplace you like.

4. Transparency

Rate the Client after every shift on.

  • Quality of management
  • Premises and equipment
  • Handover
  • Person centered care
  • Work environment

This can be viewed by all reach24 users and acts as a guideline when selecting suitable shifts.

Clients will also rate your performance and can pre-book you based on your ratings. A higher rating will increase your opportunity to work with better clients and earn more.

There are attractive rewards and recognitions for those top-rated performers.


5. Community

reach24 values its Nurses and Carers and is laser-focused on creating an impactful experience through our streamlined platform. Upon joining, you will have access to our Community page where you can safely interact with like-minded professionals, gain support, and share experiences. Your feedback is important to us so that our team can continuously improve the standards of service to benefit you.

Booking ideal temporary shifts have never been this easy.

Sign up today and take control. Discover rewarding career opportunities, learn new skills, and experience variety in flexible working with reach24.


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